Friday, 25 May 2007

Now I'm Sixty-Four

Can you believe that in the UK The Beatles brought out their watershed LP album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, on 1 June 1967? Was I only 24 then? Have I really been singing along to 'When I'm Sixty-Four' for 40 years? Someone, please tell me it's not true!

OK, it's true. So now I'm 64 - born exactly the same day/month/year (05/05/1943) as Adri Sturm, my Dutch-born American friend, and Michael Palin, who's not my friend but I like to think we'd get on well if we met. No longer can we three sing that song and get away with it. Never mind. We've got just one year - or what's left of it - to sing the obvious follow-up. Here are a couple of adaptations posted on the web. Maybe someone can improve on them:

By Jim Pinto, December 2001:

When I was young, had more of my hair
Many years ago
I was always busy going off somewhere
Working hard, not a minute to spare

The years clicked by quickly one by one
Till I worked no more
I wasn’t fired I just retired
Now I’m sixty-four.

You are older too
All of our pals and friends
Grown old with me and you

I can be handy mending a fuse
When our lights have gone
We rise and shine and run around the countryside
Every morning go for a ride

Getting a discount when dining out
Movies, plays and more
Regular exerciser, older and wiser
Now I’m sixty-four.

Day and night my email beeps
With cable modem always on
Almost seems like work
When it’s late at night
Ideas flood my mind
Poems flow just right

Send me an email, click me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say is ready to play

From my bully pulpit observing the world
My website is my door
I’m a defender, no hidden agenda
Now I’m sixty-four.

By Phil Alexander, March 2006:

(Best sung by 'Ming' Campbell)

When I was younger
I used to run
Quickly down the track
Represent my country as an ath-el-ete
I'd compete
Forty years later (hair has all gone)
Can't do that no more
I have got slower
Not such a goer
Now I'm sixty-four

I've got older, true...
Aaah, there are lots of other things
I have found to do:

Now I'm an MP
Here in the House
Lib'ral Democrat
Represent my country in a different way
Voted in each
Election day
Speaking on Defence
Seen on the news
Railin' 'gainst the war
Not getting younger
[But] Arguing stronger
Now I'm sixty-four

Now we need a leader to replace a Charlie Kennedy
That job could be mine...
Do I have that spark?
Ah, will members vote for me,
Simon, Chris or {ahem} Mark?

Fill in a ballot
Vote me your vote
Here's my point of view:
As a leader I will have statesmanlike class
Won't fall down on
My gravit-as
Here is the answer:
Simon got votes...
I got thousands more!
Lucky old bleeder:
Now I'm the leader
Now I'm sixty-four


Holly Golightly said...

No. You are only 24 years old.

Atticus said...

Holly, you are so kind. Philately will get you everywhere!

Holly Golightly said...

You are so funny !

Le_peintre said...

Hi again, let's play.

Well, i'm still young and dark hair
Some white already there
And i don't know how
I spend my time and my money
On Trying to get some food and honey
Everyday i wake up with a smile
Lonelyday but not yet tired
Then i meet your smile
Get a kick off hope
I'll have your teeth
when i'll say to this world
Now i'm sixty-four.

I'd like to write some more
Vietnamese, french, english
I know few at all
Maybe when we all here
We should know all but few
And keep on walking in the wildside
Riding, playing, smiling
Sparing a dream or a beer
To enjoy when my eyes get close
The simply joy to say
Now i'm sixty-four.

I come here as a challenger
Looking for some kind of words
To make you smile
When you read my lines
Don't think that
My english it's good
Because i don't eat eglish food
But I can swear
That i like your beer
Some last words before i stop
But nothing more in my mind to drop
So before i go to bed
Get a bet, i'll dream
About how to smile and say
During an hour
Now i'm sixty-four.

Atticus said...

Merci, le peintre, pour cette contribution en anglais. C'est trés amusant, sûrement, mais j'ai raté à chanter ces mots au refrain!

En passant, pas toute la nourriture anglais est médiocre. La qualité dépend où on va à manger. Sans doute c'est le même en France et en Vietnam.

Le_peintre said...

Normal, que vous avez raté je ne suis pas doué pour écrire les chansons.
Pour la nourriture, ce n'est qu'une petite blague, je suis d'accord avec vous que la bonne nourriture dépend de l'endroit où on mange.