Thursday, 31 January 2008

Maidstone Music Festival logo: mmf 08

We have been using our mmf 80 logo for some weeks now - in black on white for correspondence, and in black on yellow for posters and flyers. The font Sue chose for this is Zapfino.

Colours may change according to use of the logo but there'll be no mistaking its stylish, elegant form. Here, for example, is how one side of our business cards looks:

The musicians among you will immediately notice that, unlike most fonts available these days, the appearance of this 'f' resembles the dynamics symbol for 'forte' in musical notation. This is, of course, the reason why Zapfino appealed to Sue.

For the benefit of those who are not musicians, 'forte' means 'loudly' or 'strong'.

NB 'mf' indicates 'mezzo-forte', meaning 'medium-loud' or 'moderately-strong', but I've never come across an 'mmf' symbol in music. For the next step down in loudness from 'mf' composers traditionally write 'mp' ('mezzo-piano', meaning 'medium-quiet' or 'moderately-quiet'). Maybe it's time someone introduced 'mmf' into musical notation, standing for 'hum loudly'! :-)


Holly Golightly said...

Now I know what "forte" means; ;-)
Be proud of me, please!

Atticus said...

I am proud of you, Holly. Mais je pensai que tu connaissais ce mot italien parce qu'il s'équivaut au mot 'fort' en français. (Pourqoi pense-je que tu me charries?)

Holly Golightly said...

Non, je ne te charrie pas.
Mais oui, je savais aussi, à cause de l'italien. Tu as raison.